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Time Warner Cable® - New Adult Entertainment Options Launching December 1st

New Monthly Subscription Options

•   HIS On Demand Channel 796 $12.95 per month
•   Hustler TV, Hustler HD and Hustler On Demand Channels 778, 1778 and 799 $12.95 per month
•   Penthouse and Penthouse On Demand Channels 783 and 784 $12.95 per month
•   Playboy, Playboy en Espaňol and Playboy On Demand Channels 780, 781 and 782 $12.95 per month
•   Manhandle and Manhandle On Demand Channels 797 and 798 $12.95 per month
•   Real and Real On Demand Channels 787 and 788 $12.95 per month
•   TEN and TEN On Demand Channels 785 and 786 $12.95 per month
•   Here! On Demand Channel 796 Price varies
•   Howard TV On Demand Channel 794 $13.99 per month
•   Too Much for TV On Demand Channel 795 $14.99 per month

Use your Digital Remote to instantaneously upgrade and add any of these new channels to your digital subscription for only $12.95 each per month. Order any three, and the combined price is $24.95 per month. Simply go to the channel number of the service you wish to receive and press SELECT on your digital remote. Once the order is confirmed (on two confirmation screens) your order will be entered into Time Warner Cable's billing system and within seconds you can access your new programming.

PLUS new Adult Pay-Per-View and On Demand pricing, viewing windows and content
•   New adult selections are hotter than ever!
•   Low price point of $9.98/title (includes double, triple and quad features) for ALL Adult On Demand selections
•   Plus $7.98/title "Last Chance" selections and $3.98 "Short Form" selections
•   Standardized viewing window to 6 hours
•   Discreet billing for all On Demand and PPV orders

This new programming may not be appropriate for your entire family.  Learn about Time Warner Cable's Parental Controls by visiting YourTWC.com/ParentalControls.

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